Michelle Izquierdo

Michelle Izquierdo was born in Miami, Florida in 1989, and has called it home ever since. As a child, she has always had the inherent need to create, but it wasn't until college that she discovered her love for sculpture and printmaking. In 2015, she graduated with her BFA in Sculpture from New World School of the Arts. Michelle enjoys "the process" of making more that anything. She finds the step-by-step aspect of print-making and mold-making intriguing, thus allow her to continuously experiment and produce curious pieces. 

"I am a collector, a researcher, and an artist. I gather findings left behind by organisms that have evolved from my own falsified environment. I am actively creating, observing, comparing, and examining these organisms. My identity as an investigator fuels my work and helps me identify with the functions of growth, life, and decay. 

Plant biology, earth science, and human anatomy are the focus of my research. I compile, modify, and combine elements from my research to conceive my fictional systems. I often reference molecular slides, anatomical diagrams, and botanical and aquatic imagery. I use artificial and modified natural materials (such as latex) to communicate the contrast within my natural / unnatural objects. I sew unusual materials together with specific qualities, such as tonality and texture. Materiality plays an important role in dictating the end product of my work. The care that I put into the production of these objects allows me to understand their form and function. For this reason, the act of making the object itself is a critical element to my artistic process".