Leah Guzman

Leah Guzman, a native of Tarpon Springs, Florida, has been a Miami resident for over a decade. She attended Georgia State University where she received her BFA in Fine Art. She then attended Florida State University where she received her Masters Degree in Art Therapy. Leah became a Board Certified Registered Art Therapist, providing art therapy to at-risk youths in the Miami-Dade County Public School System for more than a decade.

Her experience as an art therapist has given her personal work a sense of vulnerability, allowing her thoughts and dreams to be exposed for the viewer to absorb. Her abstract and figurative work is richly symbolic, spiritual and organic, each piece reflecting her curious view of the world. β€œIn my own process of creating, I have always had a deep connection with my intuition and feelings. I hold my stress in my heart. When I feel out of balance, my heart flutters or feels heavy.”