Get To Know The Curator

Ana Mari Portuondo

So we've been in business for just over three years now, yikes how time flies! After much behind the scenes work in constantly trying to breathe new life into our curious world we are finally getting around to formally introducing to you the driving force behind The Archive's amazing storefronts and beautifully arranged shop!

Meet Ana Mari Portuondo! In 2013, at the ripe old age of 24 she was given the opportunity to change course and leave a well paying yet unsatisfying job when she was approached by Alicia Cuervo (co-founder) to design, curate and bring The Archive to life! We find that much of the charm that goes into The Archive comes from Ana Mari's ability to think outside the box in a creative yet methodical way, which was instilled in her through her family from an early age (more on them later...). 

As we embark on new adventures this coming year we'll keep you up to date on upcoming events, workshops, what's new, and what's happening behind the scenes! With Ana Mari's top Tuesday picks of the week e-mails titled the "Curator's Corner" you'll be able to get inside her head and see what's trending. We'll also take you behind the scenes into her world as an interior designer and share her ever changing world at The Archive!