Curator's Corner | Pick Of The Week


Every time we go picking we seem to always come across neat old cameras. Most of the time they're completely destroyed with parts missing, cracked lenses, dried leather (you get the idea). Other times we find some gems, gems like the image above. When we stumble upon beauties like these we can't contain ourselves! 

The reason I love vintage camera's is because they are absolutely PERFECT for staging shelves. I promise you, if you want an interesting shelf display, you need at least one camera in the mix. Imagine have guests over for dinner one night and everyone's hanging out, chatting, sipping a glass of smooth red wine...soft jazz playing in the background, laughter, and eyes wandering. Suddenly, someone spots it on your shelf...the camera...they walk up to it, inspect it, tilt their head, and stare...voila! Instant conversation starter! 

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Your Curator,

Ana Mari