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- 1950's MARX TOY   |   WILLYS JEEP -

Brief History

Louis Marx and Co. was an American toy manufacturer in business from 1919 to 1978. Its products were often imprinted with the slogan, "One of the many Marx toys, have you all of them?" Arguably, Marx was the most well-known toy company through the 1950's. The company's basic aim was to "give the customer more toy for less money," and stressed that "quality is not negotiable" - two values that made the company highly successful. Marx listed six qualities he believed were needed for a successful toy : familiarity, surprise, skill, play value, comprehensibility and sturdiness. 

Why I Love It

My fiancé is a huge car junkie, and as of two years ago he's been the proud owner of his very own Jeep Wrangler. When it's time to get him a birthday gift or a Christmas gift it's always "Jeep stuff". The reason why I mention this is because when I go shopping for the store or for my clients I always like to keep you and them in mind. There's nothing like getting unique decor accessories that bring out your personality and interests. If you or someone you know is absolutely in love with all things Jeep then this is the perfect gift for them. It can be displayed on a coffee table, on a bookshelf, or any interesting place in your home or space. The weathered pop of red adds life and personality which to me makes it very special. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Your Curator,

Ana Mari